Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping Info & FAQ

General Disclaimer

Please choose trackable shipping if you are worried about packages being lost in the mail. Lost packages are a risk. To ensure that your items will arrive home safely, we really recommend for you to choose a trackable delivery. Please read the section about 'conditions of reimbursement' to understand our policy.

International Orders

  • Germany: We are currently unable to ship to Germany due to logistical challenges and changes in international shipping regulations.
  • United Kingdom: the UK has changed the VAT system for international orders. Please note that there is no guarantee of delivery date when you choose regular shipping. From our experience with the shop, the current shipping time for parcels to get to the UK is around 30 business days and can go up to 90 days. Thank you for your patience and understanding during these very hard times for small businesses. If you are in the UK, feel free to message us about upgrading your order with tracking for an additional fee.
  • All international orders: Please provide a phone number for the carrier to be able to deliver your package. Your phone number will not be used for marketing purpose ever. 

Standard Shipping

Standard shipping does NOT include tracking numbers. If you want a tracked package and super quick delivery at extra cost, please message me so we can figure out the best shipping mode for you.

Package Discretion

All the packaging is discreet with no mention of pride-related items.

Processing Time

The time I need to prepare an order for shipping varies. Usually, I prepare orders once every other week. However, as I'm a person living with a disability this varies as my accessibility needs change day to day.

Shipping Time

When you receive the confirmation email in your mailbox, that means that I went to the post office to send your package. Please refer to the shipping time for your location. Post office services may be slow, and take longer than usual, due to conditions outside of my control, which I am not responsible for. However, don't hesitate to reach out any time and I will gladly help you.


Unless your order arrive damaged, I cannot accept any returns or exchanges. I apologize for any inconvenience. But please contact me if you have any problems with your order.

Conditions of Reimbursement

Damaged packages

If your package/envelope is damaged upon arrival, let me know within 3 days after you receive it. We will find a mutual agreement on how to proceed, which may include reimbursement or re-sending your products, depending on the inventory at that time.

Lost packages
Untracked packages

If you do not choose trackable shipping there is a possibility that it could get lost in the mail. If any packages are lost within the mail, it is a risk. I am not responsible for sending out replacements. If you believe your order has been lost, please be a bit patient and wait a month or so to see if it doesn't show up. Unfortunately, untracked mail is also uninsured. In order to avoid fraud, we can not refund or replace your items. Tracking is a better way to go to guarantee your purchase.

Tracked packages

In the case where your tracked parcel doesn't arrive, please do contact me. If you believe your order has been lost, please be a bit patient and wait a month or so to see if it doesn't show up. After that, please contact us and we can try to discuss the next steps. If your items show up damaged/missing due to mishandled mail, please reach out to us, but also try to contact your local postal service. We will see what we can do about refunding or replacing your items.

Error in the address

Please note that I'm not responsible for any errors you make when typing in your address on the website, so please check that it is correct before submitting it. If an error in the shipping address was made, we can't be held responsible.